“Environment Conservation, primarily Biological Diversity, through Action based on Research, Education and Public Awareness”.

Nature club valsad is working for environment conservation, wildlife education and awareness programmes since 2009. And now it is a part of Prakruti Sanrakshan Trust Valsad. Which is a registered trust working for environment. Throughout year we conduct nature trails, birding n butterfly watching camp, adventure camps, nature education & art and craft camp, cycling trips, expeditions, anti plastic campaign, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation based on voluntary work etc...

Research and Conservation Projects

  • Vulture Conservation
  • Study of House Sparrow and other small birds
  • Surveying, networking, creating awareness and implementing conservation projects (including Ecological Benchmarking) in association with corporates, government and other NGOs


  • Various categories of memberships such Annual, Life, Individual, Student, Family, Institutional and Corporate
  • Members get discounts in nature trails, publications and souvenir products; can participate in nature camps; can vote to elect the Executive Committee and can avail of the extensive library and natural history collection
  • Opportunity to connect with nature and develop an eco-friendly lifestyle

Nature Trails, Nature Camps and other events

  • Regular Nature Camps covering a wide variety of habitats in India from the snow covered Himalayas to the rain forests and deserts
  • The objective is to connect people to nature conservation, advocate eco-tourism and encourage local participation
  • Weekend Nature Trails to destinations around city
  • Lectures and presentations on different national parks, sanctuaries, wildlife and conservation

Education and Public Awareness

Training sessions, Workshops, Nature Trails and Customized Programs for adults, children, families and corporates to create awareness about conservation Entertaining theme-based programs such as Brunch with Birds, and Breakfast with Butterflies Learn about nature and wildlife in an entertaining manner, complete with indoor and outdoor activities.

Publications and Souvenir Products

Souvenir products such as calendars, greeting cards, diaries, mugs, pen, t-shirts,cap and artificial sparrow nests to support conservation, Bird feeder.

Collaborations, MoUs and Partnerships

Back to Nature movement started by Shree Lavkumar Khacher, Bhavan’s Campus for eco friendly camps at Andheri. Adams Nature Retreat-khedbrahma.