Adventure & Nature Education Camps


The club regularly conducts adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling,river crossing, flying fox, water rafting, trekking and mountain biking. It also organises Nature Education camps in different parts of India like Himalayas, Western Ghats and coastal Gujarat. During the Camp the students are  exposed to various adventure activities and also given the knowledge of the local flora & fauna with the help of concerned experts. At night slide shows and documentories about environment and the dire need to conserve it are shown to the children. In monsoons and winters the club conducts one day trips to nearby forests in Dangs.  


 The main objective  behind these activities is to make the children bold, adventurous, independent and above all Nature loving to develop a genuine concern for the conservation of our environment. During the daily talks at the camp other important subjects like water conservation, rain water harvesting, tree plantations, global warming, campain against plastics and other non bio degradable materials etc.. are also covered.